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Product description

Diospyros kaki TIPO is a variety acquired in Japan at the beginning of the century, it is a very widespread variety (the most cultivated variety in Italy) especially because of its good resistance to low temperatures in winter.

The plant has medium-high vigor, with a strong vertical growth tendency, abundant flowering, evenly distributed on the crown and high productivity.

THE FRUIT Kaki Tipo produces large fruit, 200 g, round in longitudinal and transverse section, orange when fully ripe

The skin of the fruit is yellow-orange at harvest maturity or bright orange at normal maturity (full ripeness), when it can be easily removed.

Kaki Tipo self-infects.

Kaki Tipo belongs to the class of POLLINATION-VARIABLE NON-STYPIC (PVNA) varieties

The color of the pulp is yellow-orange when collected for sale and bright orange at the time of full ripening, with a high sugar content.

HARVEST takes place in early October early November.