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Product description

Topfive ™ Resistant variety to the plum pox virus that convinces with its very good aroma. Suitable both as a table fruit and as a baking plum. Crossbreed: Cacak Fruitful x Bühler Frühzwetschge, breeder Prof. Dr. Helmut Jacob, Geisenheim Research Institute, 1999 Growth: medium, semi-erect to erect, very good branching, drooping fruit branches Flower: moderately late, very fertile, flowering on annual and perennial wood Fruits: ovoid to oblong-ovoid, 35 - 40 mm, uniformly dark blue with a strong blue wax coating

Flesh: greenish-yellow to pale yellow, firm, juicy with protruding pit (freestone) Taste: very good, balanced sugar-acid ratio Harvest: August, long harvest season Performance: high and regular Special notes: Table fruit resistant to PPV, resistant to Monilia and rust, ideal for baking, recommended for home gardens. Depending on the location, a pollinator like TopEnd plus , Jofela is recommended.