Suzan 80 days AVAILABLE 2024 , STEFANIE 15/2/2023 similar variety

  • Suzan 80 days AVAILABLE 2024 , STEFANIE 15/2/2023 similar variety

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Product description

SUZAN is an early potato variety with high resistance to the Potato Canker synchitrium endobioticum (wart disease strains pathotyp 1,2,6,18). Very early variety - warehouse Long oval bulb, with smooth yellow skin Yellow flesh, Cooking type AB (for all purposes) High production, average number of tubers 15 It doesn't darken Suitable for pan & oven & boiled Suitable for washing and packaging Resistant to Ro 1 & Ro4 Nematodes

Resistant to Symhitrio (Potato canker) races 1,2,6,18
Average tolerance to Viruses
Actinomycosis resistant
Medium sensitive to downy mildew of leaves & tubers
Resistance to mechanical harvesting
Cultivation requirements

1. It needs good organic soils, rich in organic matter

2. Requires pre-emergence by dipping for rhizicide

3. It needs 16-18 units of nitrogen, 8-12 units of Phosphorus, 25-30 units of Potassium, 6 units of Magnesium per acre

4. Good plant protection against Alternaria - Downy mildew