Cherimoya Fino de Jete

  • Cherimoya  Fino de Jete

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Βάρος: 4.00 Kg

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Product description

The main variety of Spain.

  • FRUIT: juicy, sweet flesh. Few seeds per fruit.
  • TASTE: sweeter than other varieties, but also slightly acidic.
  • LEAVES: In potted plants, older leaves are known to turn yellow and drop during transport to conserve energy. This is not a problem in the long run. With care and acclimatization they will recover.
  • MATURING: black spots may appear under the skin. It ripens in the middle of the season.
  • HEIGHT: up to 10 meters when in good conditions.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: frost resistant. Preferred climate subtropical, warm.
  • FRUIT BEARING/HARVESTING: April, May, June, July.