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Litchi chinensis is an evergreen tree of the Sapindaceae family native to southern China, where it is intensively cultivated for the production and marketing of its edible, fleshy and juicy fruits. It is an exotic fruit tree that is cultivated experimentally in our country in areas characterized by a very hot climate and as decorations in pots or directly on the ground in gardens. HEIGHT: 15-20 meters. LEAVES: opposite and compound, 15 cm on average, 2 to 4, lanceolate, glossy, dark green.

FLOWERS: small, white-green or white-yellowish and appear in clusters (about 100 flowers) on the top branches. The tree is solitary, i.e. it has male and female flowers and pollination occurs through insects, especially thanks to bees which, among other things, produce high quality honey. FRUIT: turns from green to pink-red-purple with ripening and has an aromatic taste similar to that of Muscat grapes. Fruit can be kept at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: prefers 20-25 ° C and exposure to the sun, although young trees (up to 2 years old), need a light shade during the hottest hours of the summer months. Adult trees tolerate short periods of intense cold, but in fact, below -4 ° C, the plant is in danger of dying. It is strongly affected by the wind. SOIL: clayey or sandy rich in organic matter and well drained. IRRIGATION: regular in periods of prolonged drought and more often in summer, while in winter it can stop completely if rains are frequent.

FERTILIZER: rich in nitrogen (N). PLANTING: in a well-drained hole 40 cm deep. The optimal planting distance between rows is 5 × 5 meters.