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Product description

Red Globe is one of the largest fruiting varieties. Its bunch reaches 2 kg. The berry is impressive in size, from 10 to 15 g. This effect is achieved naturally, without additional beam thinning, in which the "red balls" would be even larger. The grapes are dark pink or reddish in color. Under the natural powder that covers the berries, it looks purple.

On the surface of the berry, there is a longitudinal strip that divides it into 2 equal parts. If the fruit is cut, it will be seen that the consistency of the pulp is thick, with a pink tint, juicy. There are 4 large seeds inside. If they are dark, the grapes are already ripe. The longer the fruit remains on the vine, the higher the concentration of sugars in them. At the same time, the acidity is reduced, the taste of the fruit is harmonious and neutral.