AGROMARKET HELLAS® - KOLOVOS BROS Co. was founded in 2006 by the brothers Thomas Kolovo - Strato Kolovo, AEI agronomists.

Our family company, focuses its attention on imports of certified propagating material, seed potatoes, fruit trees and seeds for producers,
of international companies with many years of experience in the field of agriculture in America, Europe, Asia & Africa. What distinguishes Agromarket Hellas, from the competing agricultural companies, is the diversity of the products, the uniqueness of the genetic plant material.

the company is essentially the continuation of the business Dimitrios E. Kolovos, Agriculturalist AGSA (GPA)-EDE. which he founded himself in 1973 and left a great name throughout Greece: 1. with public works, tree planting of streets - squares - schools - parks - factories as well as construction - reconstruction of grass fields like the one in Ioannina,
whose lifespan reached the astonishing record of 33 years of life, 2. the Bayer pesticide agency, 3. the introduction of the Monalisa potato seed in Greece (house HZPC) and 4. the scientific and financial assistance to producers in Epirus.

Our company provides services such as:
Wholesale trade of ornamental plants and trees to producers - agricultural stores (trade with commission).
Soil analyzes for producers, fertilization data processing using software, i-plant nutrition
Outdoor architectural design with Landscape Pro 2022 software.
Green contracts (construction and reconstruction of fields - tree planting of parks, roads, squares) throughout Greece.
Disinfections - Myocides in Ioannina
Retail trade of rare fruiting plants and vegetable seeds in Greece, Albania and Cyprus