Shipping methods


The majority of your orders are dispatched from our store within 2 days.

Trees, plants, potato seeds and fertilizers are transported exclusively by a transport company.

In case you choose Shipping with a transport company, the cost of transport is borne by the recipient and is paid to the transport company upon receipt of the products.

The customer picks up the products from the carrier's headquarters in the respective city.

Shipping with a Transport Company (€0.00) means that you do not pay our company the cost of transport, but the respective transport company.

Indicative costs:

1 bag - parcel (40*40*60cm) of 25 kg is 4-5 euros for Athens - Thessaloniki - Kozani - Larisa - Volos - Trikala - Karditsa - Naoussa - Veria - Kastoria - Lamia - Patras - Edessa and 10-14 euros for the rest of Greece.
20-50 bags of seed potatoes from €1-2/bag for Athens - Thessaloniki + upper cities and €2-4 for the rest of Greece.
1 parcel of 2-5 trees is 7-10 euros for Athens - Thessaloniki and 15-20 euros for the rest of Greece.
1 pallet up to 1,250 kg or up to 60 trees is 50 euros for Athens - Thessaloniki + upper cities and 100 euros for the rest of Greece.
The initial prices are valid for transfer to Arta, Preveza every Thursday.
Shipping by Courier

Only seeds, bulbs and packaged products are sent by courier. Shipping costs are added to the amount to be deposited.

For hard-to-reach areas, the cost is determined after consultation with the courier company.