Uovo di Piccione (Pigeon Egg)

  • Uovo di Piccione (Pigeon Egg)
  • Uovo di Piccione (Pigeon Egg)

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Βάρος: 4.00 Kg

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Product description

The Pigeon Egg olive tree is a vigorous tree of considerable growth with extensive foliage. The branches are long and flexible and provided with elliptic-lanceolate leaves, medium in size and bright green in color.

The olive produced is used for fresh consumption thanks to its excellent size (8-10g) with an average pulp yield of 82%. Ripening is early in October. The fruits, ellipsoidal and slightly asymmetrical, are harvested when they are bright green, even if they tend to turn dark quickly.

Valuable variety for the large size of the fruits and why it is a good pollinator in nocellara, etna, Halkidiki. It has found wide distribution in the olive growing regions of the Mediterranean.

Very resistant to Cold.

Large plant imported from Italy in a 6.5lt bag.