Fingerlime Joker (Lemon Caviar)

  • Fingerlime Joker (Lemon Caviar)

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Product description

Finger lime remains among the most delicatessen products since its wholesale price reaches €120 per kilo!!!

Fingerlime Joker is a normal tree, not a dwarf like the others on our site. While as a plant it is much larger in size.

The tree grows to 4 meters tall and thrives in lowland, subtropical rainforests in the coastal region on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Its fruit is cylindrical, 4-8 cm long and slightly curved and resembles a finger (from where it got its name). The weight per fruit is about 30 gr. Finger lime has several color variations including green, yellow, orange, red, purple, black and brown. In addition to the characteristic shape, the finger lime is also completely different inside. The name "caviar lime" was given to it because its interior consists of small juicy spheres (cysts), which are hard on the outside, and liquid on the inside. Like caviar, they burst in the mouth and impress everyone with their unexpected taste. Finger lime is used to make jam and pickles while its dried peel is used as a spice to add flavor to many foods. The commercialization of finger lime began in the 1990s in specialized jams produced from wild fruits. By 2000, finger lime was distributed to restaurants around the world, while the demand in Europe, America and Asia is constantly increasing.