Navellate (Navelina) (Rootstock: Forner Alcaide 5)

  • Navellate (Navelina) (Rootstock: Forner Alcaide 5)

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Product description

Navelate is a late season Navelina-like orange, medium to large size. Navelate has a relatively small, hidden navel and thin, fairly leathery skin. Food quality is good, it is sweet and nice.

Growers have found Navelate to give mixed results, sometimes producing light crops, rarely with low juice content.

Navelate is a good nutritional Navel variety that should satisfy consumers at the end of the season.

Sweet, good, delicious

Names : Navelate

Origin: Navelate is a natural mutation of Washington Navel, discovered in 1948 in Vinaroz, Castellón, Spain by DA Gil. It was released for commercial production in 1957.

Cultivated in: Spain, Israel, South Africa

Harvest & Availability : Navelate is harvested from early January to mid-April