PECAN Desirable (Α)

  • PECAN Desirable (Α)
  • PECAN Desirable (Α)
  • PECAN Desirable (Α)

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Product description

'Desirable' is one of the first pecan varieties developed by controlled crossing. The cross was made in the early 1900s by Carl F. Forkert of Ocean Springs, Jackson County, Miss. Parentage unknown but may be 'Success' x 'Jewett'.
"Desirable" was introduced about 1915, but was not widely propagated before Forkert's death in 1928. This variety would probably have been lost if the glaucus had not been shipped to the U.S. Pecan Field Station, Philema, GA in 1925. Commercially introduced in 1945 and widely planted in the early 1960s. Since 1992,
'Desirable' is the number one variety planted worldwide.
"Desirable" is a well-known variety that sets the standard for quality. Big size,
they produce excellent cores and have the highest price on the market. It is an excellent nut that produces many mammoth butterflies. Perhaps its strongest feature is the ability to produce consistent, high-quality crops year after year.

"Desirable" is not without its flaws. This variety is susceptible to scab and will need a full period of fungicide protection.
Trees grow slowly.
'Desirable' is protandrous and is a good early season pollinator, while receptivity is mid to late season.