PECAN Kiowa (Β)

  • PECAN Kiowa (Β)

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Product description

Developed from a cross of 'Mahan' x 'Odom' or ΄΄Desirable ΄΄in Brownwood, Texas. in 1953.
'Kiowa' is an early variety with a high yield in years 1-10. Performance was average in years 11-20
. Like most early varieties, 'Kiowa' tends to present itself as a mature tree over 25 years old.

'Kiowa' produces a very large, high quality nut. Crumb quality in most years was good and averaged 52 percent kernel for all years in the test. However, in years with high crop load, the kernel percentage decreased to 48% and 47% respectively. The core color is slightly dark and not as light and attractive as 'Desirable'. The average harvest date was 21 October, about 3-4 days after 'Stuart'. Scab resistance in 'Kiowa' is high, better than desirable.

'Kiowa' is protogynous, the stigma is receptive before the pollen is shed. 'Kiowa' pollinates 'desirable', 'Pawnee' and 'Caddo' and pollinates 'Pawnee', 'Forkert' and 'Desirable'.

The advantage of 'Kiowa' over 'desirable' is that it will bear heavier as a young tree and is much easier to train on a central axis.
It is recommended to thin the fruit on an adult tree, to maintain the nice crumb color and the very large fruit size.