PECAN Success (Α)

  • PECAN Success (Α)

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Product description

The most commercial variety for decades.

Selection of seedling from a walnut tree planted about 1890 by W. B. Schmidt, Ocean Springs, MS. Selected for excellent crumb quality by T. Bechtel in 1901, propagated in 1902, introduced in 1903. Fruit: oval-elliptic with obtuse asymmetric apex and obtuse to rounded base. round in cross section. shell darkly striped at apex. 98 nuts/kg, with 50% crumb golden to light brown, with wide, shallow dorsal grooves, prominent ventral groove and wide, secondary ventral grooves. Primrose, with mid-season pollen development and mid- to late-season receptivity.

'Desirable', 'Forkert', 'Barton', 'Choctaw', 'Comanche', 'Creek', 'GraTex', 'Mohawk', 'Oconee' and 'Pawnee' were released much later with parent 'Success'.