SWANEE (B) Pecan

  • SWANEE (B) Pecan

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Product description

'Shawnee' was selected from the 'Schley' x 'Barton' cross and released in 1968 by the USDA.

Fruit: oblong, with a blunt top and base round in cross-section. shell light brown with few dark stripes.

90 nuts/kg, 58% golden crumb, with a very narrow spine.

Pristine, with mid-season pollination and early to mid-season receptivity. Productive. It ripens mid-morning, a week before 'Stuart'.

The nut shape is similar but larger than 'Schley'. As a young tree, this variety produces nice high quality nuts with beautiful kernels.
The returns are very high at a very young age. The crumb percentage drops noticeably in mature trees for such a thin shell nut. This variety is recommended only for immediate yield (1-15 years) and as a pollinator in Cape Fear - Cheyenne and other A-type pecan varieties.

Ideal for home use, easy for amateurs.