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Product description

Wichita is widely planted and quite popular among pecan farms because it pollinates later than Western Schley, making it the perfect pollinator for late type A pecans. In other words, the Wichita pecan tree is a late pollinated variety.

'Wichita' is a selection from a cross of 'Halbert' and 'Mahan' made in 1940 by L.D. Romberg at Pecan Field Station in Brownwood, TX. In 1949, wood from this collection was distributed to growers for trial studies. Named and published by Romberg in 1959 (Sparks, 1992).

120 nuts/kg with 59% crumbs.

Benefits of Wichita Pecan Trees
Wichita is also popular among pecan growers for several other reasons:
They grow quickly and produce fruit at a young age compared to other pecan tree varieties.
They ripen about a week earlier than Western Schley allowing orchards to "spread out" the harvest a bit, without compromising quality.
They bear larger nuts than the classic pecan varieties.
Wichita has great disease resistance better than other varieties of pecan trees.

Wichita pecans must be harvested quickly because the kernels turn amber – especially in high temperatures during harvest, which can affect the quality and price of the pecans.

Most professional pecan growers agree that Wichita's benefits far outweigh its drawbacks, which is why it will remain one of the most popular pecan varieties planted today.

Not recommended for hobbyists who just want a variety in their home.