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The date palm (Phoenix dactylifera, Arecaceae family) is a type of palm, in a large 30cm pot. In our country there are no systematic date plantations, but it is only used as an ornamental tree. Its exact place of origin is not known, but the most likely place of origin is Mesopotamia. ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: high temperatures during the growth and ripening of the fruits, i.e. we should have high temperatures in the summer, but which should not exceed 35oC. For a nine-month growing season, the temperature in February should be above 12oC and in March above 15oC.

POLLINATION: it is a dioecious species and therefore both male and female trees are needed. IRRIGATION: they are resistant to drought and able to produce in dry soils, without this meaning that they do not need irrigation. For cultivation, 2,000-3,000 m3/hectare or even more are needed in very sandy soils, in 4-6 irrigations at least a year. FERTILIZATION: it is difficult to fully supply the necessary nutrients only with organic fertilization, because it needs large amounts of manure or other organic fertilizer with the result that the cost of cultivation increases. For this reason, inorganic fertilizers are mainly used to supply plants with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium