Plate Peach or UFO original

  • Plate Peach or UFO original

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It belongs to the platicarpa family for the flattened shape of the fruit and comes from Asia. In Italy they are cultivated mainly on the slopes of Etna, in Sicily. In Tabacchiera they had already “perceived some very excellent organoleptic characteristics and which were further improved in the 80s with the second generation of the Platicarpa family, which was given the name STARK SATURN.

It was then, and we are already "in the nineties, that the exceptional characteristics of the fruit pushed the evaluation agency of Rome to start a breeding program aimed at selecting new varieties" to demonstrate these qualities of the fruit and just stretched the calendar collection starting from the seed stock. The activity "of the researchers of the Institute, after years of experimentation, allowed him to achieve even more" extraordinary, so much so that he decided to release many varieties under the name UFO. This is how the third generation of the Platicarpa family was born.

With the third generation he had achieved a significant improvement of the measuring instrument, the color of the skin, the texture of the flesh, but also the improvement of the aromas and a more 'larger distribution of the ripening within the calendar collection. The farm Neato Daniele followed the work of the researchers and managed to get a large number of plant varieties ", which it considers above all others: UFO 2, UFO 3 UFO 4, sweet Cup, JAULOSIE, and PLATERINA nectarines.