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Product description

Wisteria is a wonderful climbing plant originally from China. Loved by thousands of gardeners around the world, it holds a special place among the best decorative plants, thanks to the lively beauty and sweet fragrance of its flowers. It blooms in the spring, in large, rich bunches of light purple color and continues uninterrupted until early summer, when its flowers are gradually succeeded by velvety pods full of seeds. It is a very easy plant to grow and with minimal care it will not fail to impress even the most demanding.

Size – The height of wisteria varies from 1.20 to 9 meters and its width can reach from 3 to 12 meters in extent.

Foliage – Its leaves appear in the spring and usually after it has started to bloom, initially in a bright bronze-vegetable color and as they grow a dark green color. In autumn and as the winter cold approaches, its leaves fall to reveal its shapely and beautiful trunk.

Flowers – The most impressive and favorite part of wisteria are its flowers. In spring and into early summer, its twisting branches are showered with long and rich violet cluster-shaped bouquets, which smell from afar, emanating a sweet fragrance.

Position – It likes sunny or slightly shaded positions, protected from strong wind, so that it can climb easily and give away its beautiful flowers.

Watering – Needs moderate to little watering, especially once established in a garden location.

Soil – Tolerates many different soils and grows successfully as long as there is good drainage.

Durability – It is resistant to winter cold and at the same time can withstand summer drought.

Maintenance/Care – Apart from a sturdy structure to stand on it is not demanding and keeps beautiful with very little care.

It is suitable for pergolas, trellises, fences, arches, walls, gazebos and other structures or large pots, even as bonsai.