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Product description

A tree that produces fruit of medium to large size, of high quality, considered one of the top varieties in the world. Table olives of this variety are preserved in brine or in vinegar in various combinations with aromatic plants and herbs.

The fruit has a cylindroconical shape and resembles a  grape variety. On average, the fruit weighs 5-6g and the core is smooth and easily separated from the flesh. The flesh/core ratio is 7.5 : 1.
The skin of the ripe fruit acquires a deep black color.

It is mid-early (ripens November – December). Robust tree with large deep green leaves. Demanding soil and atmospheric moisture. Suitable for lowland or semi-mountainous areas.

Ground Requirements:

The olive tree grows in all soils, even in barren stony ones. But it performs better in relatively fertile soils that hold enough moisture. Suffers in heavy, water-logged soils.

It prefers a neutral or slightly alkaline soil reaction (pH 7-8), but it also tolerates slightly acidic soils. It shows relatively good resistance to soil salinity.