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Product description

Also known by various synonyms, such as Augghialora, Paturnisa and Tortorella, Nocellara Etnea is a native Sicilian variety with a dual purpose that grows especially in the central and eastern region of Sicily, in the area between the provinces of Enna, Catania, Messina. , Syracuse and Ragusa. Being an uncompromising variety,
agronomists for pollination resort to the varieties Biancolilla and Moresca, while nocellaraetnea attempts to bring out Ogliarola Messinese and Tonda Iblea as incompatible have proved unsuccessful. It is characterized by high productivity which is compensated by a certain rotation in crops,
Nocellara Etnea is not an easy variety to grow due to the fact that the seedlings find it very difficult to establish and take root.

VERY resistant to  olive fruit fly, smoke and scab, this variety is rather susceptible to core borer, verticillosis, cycloconium.

the resistance to atmospheric factors such as wind and low temperatures is good, while humidity is particularly affected. Finally, Nocellara Etnea is able to resist water shortages well and takes root both in the plains and at quite high altitudes, up to about 1000 meters above sea level.

It is actually quite a vigorous plant, with a certain wildness, with a spreading habit and moderately dense foliage. This variety enters production at a fairly early stage. Pollen production is abundant as well as flowering, while it is late.
. The shape of the leaves is lanceolate and slightly conical with medium dimensions in both width and length.
The drupes of this variety stand out mainly for their large size (generally without difficulty exceeding six grams of weight) and uniformity, as well as for the time of ripening and late harvest. Elliptical and slightly asymmetrical in shape, these fruits have a pointed top and a rounded base. On the surface,
there are beautiful spots. The ratio between pit and pulp is very high and this character makes this variety one of the best for the production of green table olives.

Extra virgin olive oil for sale is mainly characterized by a very low level of acidity, around 0.6%. However, the flavor can vary quite reasonably, depending on the phase of the suction at which the harvest and pressing takes place. With olives that are not very ripe,
A fruity aroma is imposed on the nose in which sensations of green tomato, almond or even artichoke are perceived. Fruity oil is of an intensity that oscillates between medium and high, while on the taste and retro taste level this oil is quite spicy and a little bitter.
while the sweetness increases if the oil comes from already ripe olives.

Rich in polyphenols and therefore with excellent antioxidant properties with which the body defends itself from cardiovascular and neurological diseases,
the extra virgin olive oil Nocellara Etnea with 16% yield, has high digestibility and is excellent for use in raw and cooked foods and for the preparation of desserts. It is a very fine variety of extra virgin olive oil and excellent for sale.

Green tableware is its main use.