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Product description

Sanguinello Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis) is actually a symbol of Italian culture and tradition around the world.


It comes from Southern Italy, where it has been widely cultivated for years, especially in the Sicilian region.


- Characteristics of the tree: The plant is moderate in vigor, with long and sometimes spiny branches, which often tend to fall.

-Leaves: The leaves are medium in size, lanceolate to round and have a bright green color.


-Shape: The fruit is usually oval in shape, medium in size.

-Taste: The pulp is very juicy, sweet with a bloody aftertaste.

-Color: The skin is orange to deep orange in color.

The pulp can be orange to more or less red, depending on the climatic conditions.


Ripening season: It starts to be ready for harvest from around January-February.

It usually begins to bloom in the Spring.


-In the kitchen: Sanguinello Blood Orange can be used especially in the kitchen like any other variety of orange.

As you may already know, it can be used to make amazing red orange juices.

The pulp can be used to make salads, but also jams.

You can leave your skin on to give your desserts and savory recipes a special taste.

-Decorative: It is a good decorative choice for its shape.


According to our tests, in the Greenhouse, or in a covered area, it can withstand a temperature of -8°C.

This variety should be preserved like a normal lemon.