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Johanniter is a specially bred, fungus-resistant white grape grown in small areas of Germany and Switzerland. It is also used in the Polish wine industry. The variety was bred in 1968 by crossing a Riesling with an unnamed grape of the Seyve Villard 12-481 x (Rulander x Gutedel) lineage.


The wines made from Johanniter are somewhat similar to Riesling, with slightly less acidity and the ability to achieve good wort weights. In 2002 an intense, concentrated Trockenbeerenauslese was reportedly made from Johanniter. This, however, would be unusual. Most Johanniter wines are light and fruity, with flavors of melon, pear and peach.


Johanniter is named after Dr. Johannes Zimmermann, the former director of viticulture at the Freiburg Institute of Viticulture, where the grape was developed.