Souvignier Gris

  • Souvignier Gris

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Product description

Vine variety with excellent potential, it is a cross obtained in Germany in 1983 at the Freiburg Research Institute. For several years it was mistakenly thought to be a cross between Cabernet sauvignon x Bronner, but recently it was found to be a cross between Seyval and Zähringer. The wine releases typical aromas of the variety, it is slightly fruity, mineral, with good structure.

Souvignier gris produces a mineral, slightly fruity, full-bodied, powerful wine with good structure. One can also detect aromatic notes of citrus fruits, spices, melon and even peach. It is an ideal variety for the production of rosé wines whose popularity continues to grow over the years.

Its first feature is its strong resistance to fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew (- carbon and black rot)