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Product description

American almond variety with a semi-hard shell. It is used to pollinate the Feragnes and vice versa. A common ratio in cultivation is 1:8 (1 Feragnes and 8 texas or 1 texas and 8 Feragnes). Amateurs for the house we choose 1 and 1.

Its fruit has a round to oval shape, a thick pericarp and a semi-hard shell. The crumb is round, pointed, brown in color, slightly aromatic and slightly bitter in taste. It is considered a productive variety, of good quality, with a crumb percentage of 45%. It is characterized by the production of double-sperm almonds at a rate of 30-40%. It ripens during the third decade of September. As a tree it is vigorous, with upright growth and resistant to monilia. It shows very little tendency to self-fertilization and comes into fruition very quickly. In terms of flowering, it is characterized as late flowering (from the beginning to the end of March). He comes from California, USA.