Buckeye Gala ™ 3/11/2023

  • Buckeye Gala ™ 3/11/2023

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Βάρος: 2.00 Kg

Availability: Immediate shipment of order


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Product description

Buckeye Gala ™ in beautiful red Gala color for low altitudes.

Origin : Sport of Gala, USA

Breeder : Mr. Simmons

Licensee : CADAMON

Harvest date : one month before Golden Delicious

Fruit size: 65/80

Uses : interesting clone of Gala for areas where conditions for color are difficult, such as Southern Europe


Tree description

Flowering date : Mid season (as for Golden Delicious)

Pollinator: Cox, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Idared or any other diploid variety with the same bloom date. Malus Golden Gem, Malus INRA® Baugene® Vigor : average Time to first crop / yields : fast / good yields

Fruit description: bright red color with stripes. excellent color level

Flesh / taste: crispy, juicy and sweet

Shelf life: December in cold store, March in CA storage