BIG RED ™ EA 4006 17/1/2023

  • BIG RED ™ EA 4006 17/1/2023
  • BIG RED ™ EA 4006 17/1/2023

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Βάρος: 3.00 Kg

Availability: Immediate shipment of order


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Product description

BIG RED EA 4006 Intermediate ripening variety, harvested between 3 and 15/06. One of the reddest. Great taste, fragrant, juicy and firm. Giant fruit! Benoit Escande patented French variety. TREE Stamina: High to very high, with upright carriage. It is recommended to increase the number of branches in the reproduction phase. Pruning/Training: Direct fruiting in small formations (May bunches and darts). Carry out regenerative interventions to keep fruiting bodies perennial. Be careful not to waste the shoots within the crown as they are difficult to obtain.Entry into production: Good and fast. in any case it is necessary to have the common sense not to produce branches of one year in order not to jeopardize the quality of the fruits. Flowering degree: Abundant to normal. middle-early period. Pollination: MUST with PINKCOT® Cotpy (cov), SPRING BLUSH® 3126TH(cov), TSUNAMI ® EA5016. To be safe, plant two varieties of pollinators in the orchard.