• Rozela™

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Product description

Fertility conditions • Diploid, a good pollinator for all Naturalma varieties The vigor of growth • Medium-sized strength, crown easily shaped Ripening • September 15-30 Storage • Can be stored in a normal air cooler throughout January Fruit • Medium-sized fruit with bright red color Taste / Meat • Its flesh is moderately firm and juicy. The taste is extremely juicy and pleasant

Regarding the fruit • Extremely productive, grows in both short and long fruiting areas, early . also produces at low altitudes Other features • bright round red with white freckles, Resistant to calcium deficiency and bitter spot! In acidic and sandy soils without lime, it requires additional calcium fertilization both in the soil and in the foliage. • Very creative, high yielding variety, the hardy equivalent of Idared, with great flavor ORGANIC IDARED