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Product description

MANUREVA seed potato is a variety suitable for people who seek quality.

It is considered the improvement of Monalisa.

Resistant to common scab-actinomycosis (puria) and resistant to the nematode Ro 1-4.

Tubers with yellow skin and pale yellow flesh give it an excellent appearance for the most discerning buyers.


128% of Monalisa

Yellow leather with excellent washability
Excellent storage capacity, long storage life

Descriptive characteristics of the plant



Quite a tall plant

Upright vegetation

Cultivation characteristics of the plant



Early ripening 7 (semi-early) 90-100 days

Very good tuberization

Plant rest 6 (quite long)

Incubation 5 (moderately sensitive)

Maintenance 8 (good to very good)

Elongated oblong shape

Pattern 7 (normal)

Eyes 8 (Very Shallow)

yellow skin

Soft yellow flesh


Culinary information of the plant


Culinary group A-B

Dry matter 18%

Does not turn black after cooking

Good to very good resistance to cooking