Natchez Thornless ™ PBR

  • Natchez Thornless ™ PBR
  • Natchez Thornless ™ PBR
  • Natchez Thornless ™ PBR

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Product description

Super early variety of Blackberry from Arkansas USA.

Natchez is a semi-upright thornless variety that produces large, sweet berries every year. The berries are stored. Natchez Thornless blueberries grow in summer-bearing floricanes and ripen in early June – earlier than other thornless varieties.

You will enjoy large yields of large, elongated, shiny berries. Ideal for fresh, baking and canning. The thornless nature of these plants makes them an excellent choice for home gardens and farms.

How to grow thornless Natchez blueberries

It is a self-fertilizing plant that has the ability to spread. New canes-shoots emerge from the roots to increase productivity. It is necessary to prune blueberries annually for the best harvest. At any time of the year, you can prune crossing or dead branches to encourage new growth. In late winter, prune out last year's fruiting canes.

The Natchez Blackberry thrives in a variety of conditions. For best results, plant in sunny, well-drained soil. The Natchez thornless variety is tolerant of whether and loves the warm heat of the South, but is also very tolerant of colder weather!

This variety is brought to you by the USDA and the University of Arkansas. covered by USPP patent #20891. (Variety A-2241.)