Cordyline australis Dance SALSA p14

  • Cordyline australis Dance SALSA p14

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Cordyline australis Salsa is an evergreen shrub, with an upright clump forming habit. This ornamental, subtropical beauty is low growing and forms multiple growth points. Dense clusters of sword-like leaves begin as bright pink and red variegated foliage. The colors intensify strongly as the leaves mature.
The leaves are narrow and arched and have a hard, leathery texture. Cordyline australis is native to subtropical parts of New Zealand, where it grows in coastal areas, forest edges and high montane forests, along river banks and marshes. It can handle drought and cold conditions quite well.
It is a wonderful architectural shrub for patio containers as well as landscaping. Cordyline australis is commonly known as Cabbage Palm or Cabbage. Other common names used internationally for Cordyline australis are: Giant Dracaena; Giant Dracena? Grass Palm? New Zealand Cabbage? Koolboom?