Lydia 120 Days

  • Lydia 120 Days

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Βάρος: 25.00 Kg

Availability: Immediate shipment of order


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Product description

Maturity: Mid late

Skin colour: Yellow

Flesh colour: Deep yellow

Yield: Extremely high

Market: Fresh consumption

Boiling quality: Fairly firm. Cooking type B




Parentage: KA 546/89 x KE 73/120


Year of registration: 2010


Tuber shape: Round oval, good-looking regular tubers



Good storage stability

Resistant against mechanical damage

Good resistant against common scab

Good resistant against late blight of foliage


Recommendation for growing:

Requires good fertilization including magnesite

Recommended presprouting tubers before planting



Very high yield of market tubers

Small share of little tubers

Good-looking tubers with regular round oval shape and size

Very good boiling quality

Good storage stability