Royal Lafayette

  • Royal Lafayette

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Product description

Royal Lafayette is a new early variety with the prospect of replacing Bourla. It originates from the Zaiger variety improvement program in California-USA and is published in Europe by the French IPS. The tree has medium-strong growth. It is rapidly entering production which is every year in high volume. It blooms together with the Burla variety, it is not self-fertile. It is not recommended to combine it with very low subjects (Gizela 5). The large volume of production of this variety also requires a large volume of nutrients to maintain the quality of the fruit.

The fruit is very large (30mm) and round in shape. Its color on the outside is bright bright red and its hardness is very good. The balance of sugars and acids is ideal, making its taste far superior to the other varieties released at the same time. In our experimental orchard, in years with a lot of rain at harvest, it showed very good tear resistance.