• BOUCHE DE BETIZAC 5/11/2023

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Product description

The Bouche de Betizac chestnut is a compact, large-fruited sweet chestnut that has early yields. Its high resistance to common tree diseases makes it a popular choice for all aspiring growers. Large deciduous fruit tree that produces clusters of aromatic,
white-yellow flowers in spring, which are followed by spiny 'Hedgehog' containing shiny fruits. Chestnuts require cross-pollination from a different variety to fruit effectively, for example, different Castanea sativa varieties or C.sativa x C.crenata hybrids (Marsol, Maraval, Precoce Migoule).

Soil: In all soils except alkaline
Conditions: Full sun or partial shade. Drought tolerant and frost tolerant.
Size: Height 4-8m