MARAVAL 5/11/2023

  • MARAVAL 5/11/2023
  • MARAVAL 5/11/2023

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Βάρος: 4.00 Kg

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Product description

Maraval the most resistant tree to inking and phytophthora and AUTOFERTILE
C. sativa x C. crenata. He comes from France.
Zone 5b (4a) Best thrives at 250-1500m altitude.
Flowers: produces a huge amount of perennial pollen - it is the ideal pollinator for all chestnut varieties.
It ripens in early October
Fruit very large, very tasty, aromatic, with a thin skin that peels off.
Storage very good.

Upright growth as a tree. It is also recommended for dense planting in hedges. Produces glossy, dark mahogany-red nuts in early fall. The tree itself is very beautiful with glossy toothed foliage that is golden in autumn.

Also resistant to carbonization and bacteria. Ideal variety even for grafting with other varieties as a strong rootstock.