Clematis Viola

  • Clematis Viola

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Product description

Clematis 'Viola'. The luxurious velvety violet-purple flowers have the merest hint of rose-red along the stem when they first open. The contrasting golden yellow stamens make a glorious contrast to their richly colored background.

Cultivation Tips.

These clematis prefer a good quality soil with high nutrient levels and a soil that is moist but free draining. Improve the planting holes with at least 2 cups of well-digested manure or garden compost, and if you don't have them use a 'Leonardite' compost. The improvement material added should be placed under the root of the plant and not around it. This encourages the roots to grow down and stay deep and cool during the summer. You don't need to kill these clematis, however if they seem to have finished flowering earlier than you expected, it doesn't hurt to give them a light cut to encourage new growth and secondary flowering in late autumn.