Jasmine Pink * Pink Star

  • Jasmine Pink * Pink Star
  • Jasmine Pink * Pink Star
  • Jasmine Pink * Pink Star

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Product description

Trachelospermum jasminoides Rosea or Pink Star Jasmine is a climbing plant, native to China, outstanding for its fragrant summer flowering. Strong, it adapts to all types of terrain and can reach six meters in height and three meters in width. Rustic, tolerates up to -15°C.

Pink star jasmine has evergreen foliage that turns very dark purple in winter. Its bright green leaves contrast beautifully with the pearly and subtle pink of its profuse spiral flowers. Its fragrant flowering lasts from May to August.

Pink Rhynchospermo

Trachelospermum jasminoides Rosea is in a sunny location in partial shade. A light pruning after flowering allows equalizing its forms and controlling its growth. Growing Pink Star jasmine is possible in pots, provided it has a support to which it must be attached and well-drained soil.

Its stems weave flexibly along a wooden trellis to shade a terrace or, over a pergola, to create a wonderful display effect. Used as a ground cover, it demarcates a corridor with elegance.

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