TIGER FIG (Panaché)

  • TIGER FIG (Panaché)
  • TIGER FIG (Panaché)
  • TIGER FIG (Panaché)
  • TIGER FIG (Panaché)
  • TIGER FIG (Panaché)
  • TIGER FIG (Panaché)

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Βάρος: 4.00 Kg

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Product description

The raspberry-citrus flavor inside the deep red flesh and the green and yellow striped skin outside make the Tiger Fig unlike any other variety. They are harvested late because it takes all summer for the high sugar content to develop. Once fully ripe, the fruit has a rich, jammy texture with a somewhat extra sweet taste.

Self-fertilizing variety. They have excellent taste, great resistance to low temperatures and stay on the tree until October.

Ficus Carica 'Panachee' is an ancient and compact fig variety that is self-fertile.
Also perfect as an ornamental, the tree itself is very attractive with smooth bark that can also be striped in spots and large glossy green palmate leaves that usually have 5 lobes and visible white veins, and are quite fragrant.

Ideal for growing in a pot, as limiting root growth encourages fruiting.