• Mavrotragano

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Until a few years ago, the red variety with black and crispy grains - characteristics from which Mavrotragano takes its name - was included in the sweet wines of Santorini, while at the same time it was in danger of disappearing. Today, it has become one of the most talked about varieties for red wine production.

Mavrotragano as a plant is characterized as lively, moderately productive and susceptible to the dry climate. It begins its vegetation in the third decade of March, its flowering is placed in the second decade of May and its technological maturity at the end of August. Each fruiting vine bears a large to medium-sized, cylindro-conical and densely veined grape. Its fruit is medium-sized, spherical, with a thick crust, crispy and of an intense dark red coloration.

Mavrotragano produces high quality wines, of medium acidity and with a deep red color. On the palate it is usually exuberant, with intense tannins, aromas of red ripe fruit and spices.