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Red variety of Asia Minor origin cultivated in Samos, Ikaria, Dodecanese, Lemnos, Cyclades, Macedonia, Peloponnese and Thrace. It is moderately vigorous, fertile, productive, resistant to most fungal diseases and drought. It shows good affinity with most subjects that have been used in the past, as well as with those used today in Greece.

It is shaped into a cup and linear bilateral cord (Royat) and accepts short pruning at 2-3 eyes. It starts growing in the first fortnight of April and ripens in early September. Each fruiting vine bears 2-3 grapes, large, exceeding 500 gr, cylindro-conical, of normal density. The seeds are large, 3 gr, spherical with a red-black skin and flesh juicy, sweet, with 1-2 large gills.

The stems represent 97% of the weight of the grape and the skins together with the pips 5.7% of the weight of the stems. Fokiano gives wines of moderate alcoholic strength, moderate acidity, poor in color.