• Sideritis

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It is cultivated systematically in N. and N.W. Peloponnese, Evia, while it is found sporadically in all the wine-growing regions of the country. It is characterized as a "variety permitted for cultivation" for the areas mentioned and even for the areas of the prefectures of Ioannina and Thessaly.

Viticulture Leaf large, wedge-shaped, five-lobed, thick, with smooth lamina surfaces. V-shaped muscular sinus. Grape very large (its length reaches 45 cm and its width 25 cm), cylindrical, moderately dense. Rail usually ellipsoidal with thick bark, durable with pink to pink-purple color. The flesh is white, crisp, hard. Characteristic is the presence of unequal-sized streaks and varying degree of maturation. The small rails are bigger and sweeter than the regular sized ones.

Properties A late variety, the grapes ripen after the second ten days of October. Vine variety productive, lively, usually formed in a tall cup and accepts pruning, depending on the area, long, short and mixed. The value (main commercial) of the variety is attributed to its lateness and the properties of the grapes to be preserved for a long time and to withstand transportation. Siderite cultivation has declined in recent years, but is still in demand by the domestic main market