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Syrah or Shiraz is considered one of the best red wine varieties in the world. In France and most of the countries of the "Old World" it is called Syrah while in Australia, the rest of the countries of the "New World" and in Cyprus Shiraz. Shiraz is one of the oldest wine varieties in the world with possible origin in Persia (Iran) and specifically the city of Shiraz. The lack of enough information and recent DNA tests prove that Shiraz is most likely of French origin. Other names used for Shiraz are Chirac, Petit Shiraz, Marchand Noir, Cherin and Balsamnina.

Shiraz likes poor, well-drained soil such as gravel, granite and limestone. It is grown almost all over the world in hot and cold climates. Compared to other foreign grape varieties, Shiraz has adapted extremely well. Shiraz produces small to medium-sized grapes with thick skin and a round or slightly oval shape.

The soil and climate of Cyprus produces dynamic, rich in volume, deep red Shiraz wines. Shiraz has plenty of tannins, satisfying acidity and aromas of black pepper, cloves, licorice, blackberries, blackcurrants, plums and black cherries.