Summer Lemon tree

  • Summer Lemon tree

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The Zambettaki lemon is a prolific variety and a significant percentage of its production, approximately 50-60%, is harvested in the months of July, August and September, which is why it is also called a summer variety.
The trees are very productive and the fruits of excellent quality, thin-skinned without seeds with plenty of very aromatic juice. This variety is resistant to winds and drought. In relation to the other lemon varieties, Zambettaki brings its production to the edge of the shoots of the tree crown. This variety has spread to the prefecture of Chania and the Peloponnese.
Its fruits are of medium size and are preferred in the domestic market.

This variety started from a tree found by Charalambos Zambettakis, professor of Phytopathology at the Agricultural University of Thessaloniki and later director of the Laboratoire de Cryptogamie in Paris, during one of his tours in Mesara, Crete.

To evaluate the lemon varieties in 1983, the Spanish researcher Garcia Lindon from Murcia visited the plantation and described the Zambettaki variety as the best in the Mediterranean.

the apogamous tree collected by Professor Zambettakis was the product of natural hybridization of the "Mesaras" and Eureka varieties