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ENNIS is from the University of Oregon, USA. As a tree, it has an average growth (60% of Barcelona), height 4m, medium-lateral branch habit with a diameter of 3m. It has a large output. The fruit of the Ennis variety is large and oval in shape. It ripens between October 7-23. Their fruit weight varies between 3.1-4.6 g. and light brown color with attractive streaks. The sperm is sweet, palatable, with a smooth surface and in a percentage of about 46-48% of the fruit. The yield per hectare in a 5x5 planting reaches 300-350 kg.

For a good production, rainfall of 800-1000mm/year and planting of 20% suitable pollinators (2-3 different ones) is required. Its resistance to the eye mites Eriophyes avellanae and Phytoptus avellanae is average. Its resistance to EFB is low. It is mainly used to sell nuts. Pollinators Tonda di Giffoni , Halls Giant, Cosford, Barcelona and Butler, Willamette, Lewis, Daviana, Jemtegaard , Alexandra, Merveille de Bolwillier. PLANTS IN POTS 2.5-3 YEARS OLD