Giant's Heart ™ haskapberry

  • Giant's Heart ™ haskapberry

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Product description

Giant's Heart Honeyberry is a patented variety from Berries Unlimited that belongs to the late ripening Honeyberry group.

Pollination and production will benefit greatly if planted next to another very late variety such as Boreal Beast, Strawberry Sensation, Aurora. The fruits ripen at the end of June to the beginning of July. Its name matches the appearance of the heart-shaped fruit, while the berries are also gigantic. The fruit is sweet, crunchy, rewarding to pick and the heart of the giant is said to provide up to 4kg of fruit per bush. Really suitable for commercial growing, it has a vigorous and upright growth habit with compact crown.

Taste : Sweet

Fruit skin : Blue

Fruit size : Large

Flowering: March

Ripening time: June

Yield: 3-4 kg.