Scarlet September™ (kiwi berry)

  • Scarlet September™ (kiwi berry)

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Product description

Too early!!! With Scarlet September®, variety of kiwifruit with red fruits, they are already ripe in September as the name suggests! This makes cultivation possible even at high altitudes. something that had little chance of success with older varieties Scarlet® are mini kiwi berry (Actinidia arguta). the red fruits with red flesh are about 3.5 cm long and sweet-smelling. Actinidia arguta can withstand -28 ° C. Scarlet® is self-sterile - and needs the male Cornell kiwi plant as a pollinator ...

Maturity: The first of the kiwi minis. It can be cultivated at high altitudes and areas with short growing seasons Fruit: Oval, fruits about 3.5 cm long, with red flesh Taste: Aromatic, sweet Growth/health: Vigorous, strong growth, 6-8 m, resistant to -28 ° C.. Fruits starting from the third year Botanical name: Actinidia arguta What are Lubera Grape Kiwifruit?

Lubera grape kiwis are the best fruiting Actinidia arguta varieties we have collected as a FLUFFLESS variety. We call them grape kiwifruit because they bear fruit in clusters. they look more like berry plants than fruit trees and because they fruit like table grapes. Grape kiwis are not just small kiwis (the term mini kiwi is also misleading and should no longer be used). Why Plant Lubera Grape Kiwi?

-fruits are edible with the skin -they are more aromatic than the classic kiwi -the yield is very high and regular and is usually earlier than the classic kiwi -they are edible directly from the bush -they are completely frost-resistant/resistant to about -30 ° C