Kaki apple tree Ribera Sun 1/10/2023

  • Kaki apple tree Ribera Sun 1/10/2023

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Product description

New PATENTED kaki apple variety. Ribera Sun is a SUPER EARLY strain of the Genesis Exotic group. The variety is patented, with a limited number of hectares for Europe.


“The characteristics that make this persimmon variety remarkable are increasingly valued by growers and consumers. MAXIM can be harvested in the first days of September, its particularity lies in the fact that it can be consumed directly from the plant without any post-harvest treatment (detanification), it is a non-astringent and naturally firm variety of persimmon pulp, which completes its ripening directly to the plant"

“This has significant advantages: producers can have a product ready for consumption, without having to deal with additional costs in post-harvest treatments, which cause a decrease in profit margins. On the other hand, consumers can have a 100% natural product, which does not undergo CO2 treatments to induce ripening."


This is why Maxim® fruit has a good shelf life, an important feature that allows the fruit to reach the market for fresh consumption without any problems. The fruit is orange in color and spherical in shape, seedless, with hard pulp and a good size, with an average diameter of 70/80 mm and a weight of 250/300 grams."