Jujube DONGZAO® 3/11

  • Jujube DONGZAO® 3/11
  • Jujube DONGZAO® 3/11
  • Jujube DONGZAO® 3/11

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Product description

Ziziphus jujuba Dongzao is the Thornless Jujube, a small tree from the Far East. It has edible fruits (taste between apple and pineapple) that ripen from green to brown in Autumn. The fruit can be eaten raw, cooked or in confectionery. Tiny yellow flowers develop in spring. Chinese Jujube "Dong" is drought tolerant, not picky about soil conditions and suitable for growing in pots.

The Dongzao variety was selected in China for its very large, rounded, tasty fruits, regular good harvest and somewhat faster growth. It is resistant to -30C and adapts throughout Greece.