Piqual olive

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Product description

The Picual variety is classified among the early varieties with high productivity, it produces fruit weighing 2-4 gr. The fruit is easily harvested by mechanical harvesting or by hand. It is very resistant to cold and drought.

It presents a high stability of olive oil. The Picual tree has a tough trunk and is resistant to most soil types and all climates. It has been reported that the olive oil produced by its fruit is rich in polyphenols, which gives the olive oil a long shelf life. The Picual olive tree is a medium-sized tree, so it is also used in dense plantings (7x3.5 m). The fruit is oval shaped and curved with a characteristic formation at the end.

The yield of the olive tree in fruits is excellent and their olive oil content ranges from 22-26%. The oil is of high quality. It is considered an olive tree variety with a quite high cold resistance index and it responds exceptionally well in areas with an altitude of more than 300 m but equally well at lower altitudes.

Fruit harvest period in mid-November