Winter Cherry (Nanjing Cherry Berry)

  • Winter Cherry (Nanjing Cherry Berry)

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Product description

A winter hardy, moderately fast-growing shrub,  Broad, dense form with spreading branches that becomes open at maturity.  Fragrant flowers emerge in the spring before leavesfollowed by edible berries used in jams & jellies. Fruit is sweet, slightly tart.


Zones:  2 - 5     Native to: China, Japan     Size: 6-10' tall by 15' wide

Leaves:  color: dark green     size: 2-3"    

Flowers:   white (showy)     season: April     size: 0.5-1"    

Fruit:   Cherry shaped      color: red     season: June-July     size: 0.5"    

Bark & Wood:  color: dark reddish-black

Uses:  landscaping (massing), edible

Culture:  Prefers well-drained slightly acidic soils but will tolerate others. Prefers full or partial sun. Do not overprune.

Tolerances:  sun, transplanting, cold resistant, drought resistant